“Tiffney is an excellent immigration lawyer.  Her attention to detail and authentic hard work result in strong, professional application packages.  I am a Board Certified Immigration Attorney myself, and Tiffney has worked with me on several very complex immigration matters.  She is my go-to when I need quality contract work.  Her fees are reasonable and affordable, especially considering the level of detail and care she puts into her work.  She also has a quick turnaround on cases.  I highly recommend her and will continue to hire her in the future.”

Jill Grucan, Esq.

“Tiffney is a dream to work with. She is knowledgeable and prompt. I always get a call back and would highly recommend her. She has helped us on a number of cases and we have been extremely impressed each time.”

John Michaelson, Esq.

“As an immigrant I had my fair share of immigration matters over the years. I came across a good number of immigration attorneys. Tiffney is one of the NICEST attorneys you would EVER meet. I requested a phone consultation from her for a K-1 fiancĂ© visa issue. I reached out to several firms and attorneys but I could not put my trust in them. Then I decided to look for an attorney with consular officer background and I came across Tiffney’s articles on Nolo.com. She gave me a REAL consultation (not just giving some vague answers in order to make me feel that I need her for my case). Her practical knowledge and experience are rock solid. Her fees are reasonable, especially for the service and value you will receive. If you need legal representation or sound legal advice, look no further!”

John Peter, client

“I have had the pleasure to work with immigration attorney Tiffney Johnson, who is VERY knowledgeable about Immigration Laws and has a superb background with her experience as a former consular officer and manager with the Department of State. I had a difficult and unusual case and Tiffney highlighted very clearly and honestly the routes we could take, and after studying my case and collecting information from me, she picked up my case and worked tirelessly. Tiffney handled my case exceedingly well and provided me with support every step of the way.

I find it very difficult to navigate this process without an immigration attorney and I cannot stress enough HOW IMPORTANT is to hire a professional. I undoubtedly recommend and encourage you to hire Tiffney Johnson. We received approval and at this time of my review, I have become a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident. Tiffney is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, fast communication and responds to e-mails promptly, and will provide and offer guidance and all support you need beyond what you can imagine.”

Rafael M. – May 19th, 2023


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